Monday, March 14, 2011

A Luxury of Homeschooling I Hope to Not Take for Granted

The Time Change Torture...

I imagine there are very few people who actually enjoy loosing an hour of sleep.  It is not fun for anyone when the alarm goes off first thing Monday morning after the time change.  Your body feels just how early it is and protests getting up.  However, next spring when we are Homeschooling, I will not be required to torture my children.

Saturday night our family arrived home quite late after a week long vacation. No complaints here, we had a great family trip.  We were a little surprised to learn about the time change.  Oops!  Forgot about that one!    

Sunday night, contemplating the week before us, we knew that the family schedule was way off.  Losing the hour of sleep meant that we were in for an ugly morning Monday when the alarm went off and it was time to rouse the living dead.  That was before we heard the pitter patter of little feet above our heads who were supposed to be in bed.  Down the stairs comes our eldest with a stomach ache.  We put her back to bed only for her to resurface a short time later with the same complaint.

Here is where the Luxury of Homeschooling kicks in.  A homeschooling parent logically knows that if their child was up late the night before not feeling well, then you let them sleep a little later the next morning.  Duh!  Is this really a luxury, isn't it just plain common sense and good parenting?  Not if your child is still enrolled in school.

Traditional school children march to the beat of the school schedule regardless of how it impacts them.  The alarm went off at 6:30.  It was time to get out of bed in order to get to school on time.  Comatose child gave way to a grumbling girl; which then led to tears running down her face all morning on the way to school.  This is insane, especially when we know that that in just a few short months we would never put her through that again!

I hope that next spring when the time change comes, I remember to be grateful for the luxury of having the freedom to act in the best interests of my own child.  I hope I remember to appreciate the luxury of homeschooling and to never take it for granted.

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